14mm Female 55 Degree Gavel V3 - Highly Educated, Quartz Bangers - Mighty Quinn
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Highly Educated, Quartz Bangers

Highly Educated, Quartz Bangers 14mm Female 55 Degree Gavel V3

Optimized for a better user experience, the Gavel 3 features several improvements from the V2.
These improvements include a deeper bucket, stronger welds, the removal of hard corners on the
inner diameter, and lifting the opaque/clear weld for easier cleaning. These small changes make
for major improvements when it comes to maintenance and the inclusion of an opaque wall allows
the Gavel 3 to perform more efficiently when used with cold start techniques.
14mm Female Joint
55 Degree Angle
25mm OD / 19mm ID Bucket
Extended Bucket Depth
Fully Worked Seals
Laser Etched Logo
Beveled Edge
Opaque Basin
USA Sourced Semiconductor Grade Clear Fused Quartz
USA Sourced Semiconductor Grade Opaque Quartz
Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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Price: $180

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